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Dedicated to grow your training business

Put the focus on you

As trainers and coaches, we rarely take the same approach to our own business as we do with our clients. When was the last time you sat down and thought about your own goals and aspirations? PTD University helps you to step back and discover what drives you to succeed, who’s your ideal client and what goals you’d like to achieve with your business.

Access tailored learning

As part of your PT Distinction subscription, you can enjoy complete access to our full suite of courses. Each course has been tailored to elevate you and your business in a range of important areas. From the basics of PT Distinction and online training to marketing and building your ideal client base, PTD University is here to help you at every stage of your journey.

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How to use the Online Trainer University

Discover how to create, build and grow your online coaching business. Enjoy access to the latest information, strategies and methods to help you become an online success.

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Foundations of online training

The best way to get started in the PT Distinction University is right here! We have bundled together with the top 5 courses for starting out as an online trainer.

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Maximising PT Distinction

This Course consolidates all the tutorials, masterclasses and support videos created for PT Distinction all in one place. Maximise the potential of the worlds most powerful online personal training software.

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Getting started as an online personal trainer

From understanding your goals, ambitions and inspiration to discovering who your perfect client is, creating Packages and setting Prices.

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Online success using the Super System

We've devised the ultimate system for online personal trainers. Follow this course and over the next 6 months we will show you how to make 10 x the investment you make to PT Distinction.

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Sales and marketing for the online trainer

What is the best practice to getting a new lead and selling your services online? In this course, we take you through the most effective strategies for marketing and selling your services.

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Webinars from the industries greatest minds

Our collection of webinars from some of the industries leaders, thinkers and experts will surely inspire you and help you grow your business. Including talks from Jon Goodman, AJ Mihrzad, Janak Patel and many more.

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Selling high ticket online personal training

To help you succeed in the world of high ticket online personal training, we have enlisted the help of Tim Drummond. Charging high prices for 12-week online program will no longer seem like a pipe dream.

Tap into a faculty of experts

The team at PT Distinction are here to support you. Our software experts are ready for any questions on operating your day-to-day and our seasoned experts offer mentorship and strategic advice. Our courses include exclusive interviews with industry leaders like Jon Goodman, AJ Mihrzad, Paul Mort, Joey Percia, Sukh Sidhu, Linh Trinh, Dan Salcumbe, Tim Drummond, Janak Patel and many more.